Opening the Lines of Communication between Process Servers world-wide!

Process Servers from all over the United States as well as World Wide are welcome and encouraged to join us.  We are dedicated to Open discussion among Private Process Servers about Service of Process. Come in, give us your “War Stories,” Tech Tips or just start an off topic discussion in the Forums!

With your Forum membership, you will also receive a FREE Process Server Directory Listing!   Join Here!

With tons of Process Server Directories out there you may ask what makes GotchaServed different. The answer is simple, the other directories are just that directories. GotchaServed is a Process Server Forum allowing process servers world-wide to communicate in an open forum. The Directory is just a bonus! One of the cool things GotchaServed is on a server that allows the admins to expand the site based on users needs.

Locate a Process Server using the map below

Oregon Process Servers Arkansas Michigan Texas Washington Alabama Arizona California Maine Massachusetts Massachusetts New York Oklahoma Utah Wyoming Missouri Montana Alaska Colorado Delaware Delaware Georgia Idaho Indiana Kansas Louisiana Maryland Maryland Nebraska New Hampshire New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Rhode Island Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont Vermont Wisconsin Washington DC Mississippi Connecticut Connecticut Florida Hawaii Illinois Iowa Kentucky Minnesota Nevada New Jersey New Jersey North Dakota Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
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